Why Us

Ever keen to cater for buyers’ precise build requirements, we have the power and know-how to identify successful development sites and in turn build-out to a high-standard.

When searching for the perfect plot, we take a range of factors into consideration. Diversity is key for us; we have a substantial portfolio of starter-homes, mid-range and the more luxurious.

We understand what our clients are looking for. Whether it’s the ultra-modern, high spec comforts in a quiet, private setting, or apartments for the first-time buyer we have developed an impressive reputation in the south west and beyond.

In turn, we also have excellent relationships with local councils and the finest contractors to build and execute the right housing, for the area, whenever needed.

Overview of Services

From establishing land to the acquisition of sales, organising contracts, embarking on planning solutions, instructing professionals, creating demand and following-up sales, we can plan, project manage and deliver on projects of all sizes. The beauty is in our flexibility.

  • Establishing land
  • Engineering acquisition
  • Conditional purchases
  • Acquisition of sites
  • Conveyancing
  • Sourcing Construction contracts
  • Embarking on planning solutions
  • Engaging with professionals on a national level (little black book of national based professionals and consultants)
  • Instructing professionals / consultants from architects to brand
  • Product development
  • Establishing demand
  • Overseeing Planning journey
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Understanding the customer and the market
  • Interior design
  • Resale conveyancing

Our Accreditations